Oklahoman pleads guilty to the murder of three, cutting heart from one

A man from Oklahoma has been given a life sentence in prison. He admitted to killing three people, one of them a woman whose heart was taken out of her body. This happened not long after he was let out of prison as part of a mass commutation effort.

Lawrence Paul Anderson, 44, admitted in court that he killed three people and injured another person.

Anderson was given a life sentence in prison and will not be eligible for parole. This happened as part of a plea agreement, where the prosecutor decided not to pursue the death penalty because the victims’ families asked him to.

“They don’t want a trial,” Hicks said during a press conference after the sentencing. “They don’t want to go to a court and hear all the painful information about what happened to their family and friends. “

Investigators said that Anderson went into Andrea Lynn Blankenship’s house, stabbed her to death, and took out her heart before bringing it to his uncle and aunt’s house.

Anderson cooked the heart and tried to give it to the Pyes, before fatally stabbing his uncle and his 4-year-old granddaughter, and injuring his aunt, Delsie Pye, authorities said.

During the punishment, Delsie Pye, 66, said she is very sad that a family member would do such a bad thing.

Tasha Yates, Kaeos Yates’ mom, yelled at Anderson and then quickly left the courtroom.

“Who hurts a little baby. ” “Who is doing that. ” Yates shouted.

Anderson’s 20-year prison sentence for drug-related crimes was commuted by Gov. Kevin Stitt based on a recommendation from the state Pardon and Parole Board. He was released from prison less than a month prior to the February 2021 attacks.

A investigation by a grand jury found that Anderson was put on the commutation list by mistake in August 2019. The board had denied his request for commutation in July 2019, according to board rules, required a three-year waiting period before reapplying.

The board suggested a shorter prison sentence, which was agreed to by Stitt, after a second request.

Delsie Pye and the families of the victims are taking legal action against Stitt, the Pardon and Parole Board, and others for breaking federal laws related to Anderson being released.

The case is still ongoing, and all the people being sued have asked for the case to be thrown out.