Woman Slams 10-Year-Old Girl’s Head into Display, Released on Personal Bond

TROY, Mich. – At Somerset Mall in Troy, a 10-year-old girl faced an unexpected incident when the suspect, 25-year-old Reanna Valentine from Detroit, allegedly assaulted her while waiting at the Mrs. Fields cookie shop last week. The attack, described by police as unprovoked, left the victim startled but not severely injured.

Surveillance video reviewed by Troy police reportedly showed that Valentine “forcefully” grabbed the little girl’s head and slammed it into the display case. The child, who had walked in front of Valentine just before the incident, reported that the suspect laughed and smiled at her afterward.

“That person kind of started laughing like it was a big joke, and then made their way through the mall,” said Troy Police Captain Josh Jones, according to FOX 2.

The incident was reported to security, who reviewed surveillance footage. Valentine, who was seen returning to Somerset the next day, was arrested by mall security and Troy Police.

Valentine, charged with misdemeanor assault and battery, was released on a $25,000 personal bond with electronic tether monitoring. Her next court appearance is scheduled for January 30 before Judge Maureen McGinnis.

This disturbing act has raised concerns about safety and civility, with some expressing frustration at the escalation of such incidents. The incident occurred in broad daylight, prompting discussions about the need for increased security measures and vigilance.