Career Criminal Arrested/Out Monday, Arrested AGAIN Friday; Flashing Box Cutter in NYC Subway Days After Release For Robbery

Rakeem Washington, a career criminal with over a dozen prior arrests, found himself in police custody once again. The 38-year-old was apprehended early Friday for wielding a box cutter during an attempted robbery on a southbound No. 4 train in Lower Manhattan.

The incident unfolded around 3 a.m. when Washington allegedly brandished the weapon at a 56-year-old man, demanding, “Give me your money.” Refusing to comply, the victim faced further aggression as Washington grabbed him by the coat, escalating into a heated argument. Swift action by the conductor, who promptly called for police assistance, led to Washington’s arrest after the victim identified him.

This recent arrest closely follows Washington’s release just days prior. Earlier in the week, he was apprehended for snatching a fellow commuter’s phone on a No. 6 train in Lower Manhattan. During that incident, Washington had reportedly demanded $200 from a 23-year-old commuter, resorting to violence when refused. He was charged with third-degree robbery and fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property. Despite the severity of these charges, they were not bail-eligible, resulting in Washington’s release under supervised conditions, as confirmed by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

Washington’s criminal history in New York City spans back to 2005, involving charges such as assault, robbery, criminal possession of a controlled substance, and fare evasion. Notably, he holds a prior conviction from 2006 in Nassau County for attempted robbery, robbery, and aggravated harassment.

His mental health struggles have been documented, including a 2019 case where he experienced hallucinations, believing his face and body were on fire. In 2021, his mother expressed concerns about his erratic behavior and non-compliance with medications, citing his struggles with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and substance use (K2). Washington’s address, provided by authorities, is listed as the Manhattan Psychiatric Center on Ward’s Island.