YouTube Wannabe with 20K Subscribers Arrested for Torturing and Killing Animals Live for Likes

A self-proclaimed social media “influencer,” Anigar Monsee, has been arrested Friday in Pennsylvania on charges of animal cruelty after allegedly torturing and killing animals in gruesome live videos on her YouTube channel. The arrest came after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) tipped off the Upper Darby Police Department about Monsee’s disturbing online content. The 28-year-old, who boasted over 20,000 subscribers, now faces serious legal consequences.

Monsee’s YouTube channel, known as “Motheranddaughter,” allegedly featured four livestream videos that showcased horrifying acts of animal abuse. The graphic content reportedly included the mutilation of a live chicken, pigeon, rabbit, and frogs. In some instances. The criminal complaint detailed the disturbing nature of the videos, describing scenes of Monsee slicing a chicken’s neck over a kitchen sink, dismembering frogs, plucking a live pigeon’s feathers, and torturing a rabbit to death with a dull knife. The footage, lasting up to 30 minutes, left authorities and animal activists appalled.

Police Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt expressed his shock at the inhumane acts and the disturbing fact that viewers actively encouraged such brutality. PETA’s intervention played a role in bringing attention to the sickening videos, leading to Monsee’s arrest on three counts of cruelty to animals.

Monsee is currently held at the Delaware County Jail on a $200,000 bond, awaiting a preliminary hearing scheduled for February 5. She faces four counts of aggravated cruelty to animals. The legal action against her serves as a stern reminder of the serious consequences individuals may face for engaging in such heinous acts.