Pizza Hut manager slain by co-worker in Wisconsin over $7,000 inheritance check

A recent incident in Wisconsin has led to charges against a Pizza Hut employee, Kavonn Ingram, in the homicide of his manager, Alex Stengel. The incident occurred on February 5 and is believed to be linked to a $7,000 inheritance check that Stengel had cashed earlier in the week.

Stengel, 55, reportedly displayed the money to co-workers, including Ingram, in the days leading up to the tragic event. Authorities allege that a dispute over the inheritance money escalated, resulting in Stengel’s death.

South Milwaukee police responded to a call reporting a dead body in the Pizza Hut’s garbage area. Subsequent investigations led them to the restaurant’s kitchen, where Stengel had allegedly been shot, had his throat slashed, and suffered additional stab wounds around his neck. Law enforcement believes the fatal confrontation occurred in the kitchen before Stengel’s body was disposed of in a dumpster.

The incident also involved the disappearance of Stengel’s wallet, keys, and cellphone, suggesting a potential robbery. Ingram, 31, was arrested after surveillance footage reportedly showed him dragging a garbage can from the restaurant to the dumpsters.

In an attempt to cover his actions, Ingram allegedly clocked out for Stengel and sent text messages from Stengel’s phone to a regional manager. The charges against Ingram include first-degree homicide, which could result in a life sentence, as well as hiding a corpse as a party to a crime, armed robbery, and possession of a firearm by a felon.